Crystalblend Apprenticeship Academy


As the topic depicts, the aims of this project are to:-

  • Tackle the rate of unemployment to the lowest minimal.
  • Empower youths / jobseekers through job creations, entrepreneurship and mentoring.
  • Increase businesses productivity and economic growth.
  • Bridge the gap between employers and jobseekers for intrinsic value
  • Enable employers to identify skilled and fruitful jobseekers who will add value to their businesses before employment.
  • Enable jobseekers to understand employers, their businesses beforehand, and vice-versa.
  • Cut down on the shortage of skilled workers in the economy.
  • Create number of Entrepreneurs and business owners who becomes employers of labour.
  • Create job opportunities in all states.


  • Identifying the problem

Educational standards and attainable aspirations are high by all but end results are less focused on. That is to say the achievement of education is to be self-reliant and employable; to have a career and be an entrepreneur in the future.

Our institutions turn out tens of thousands of graduates yearly without a planned career path.

The youths, i.e. secondary school students, under graduates, graduates and the generally unemployed youths are our main targets and audience for this initiative.

We say the Youths are our future leaders but the quality of youths our society is breeding today even though some are brilliant and intelligent, they an issue of great economic concern.


  • Areas of Interest

This initiative is grouped into four (4) divisions or sectors which are:-

  • Mentoring scheme.
  • Career workshops
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Apprenticeship.




  1. Mentoring scheme:

This is the first point of call for the program. The workshop will be organised for all the youths and job seekers in the state through each local government and LCDAs in Lagos State. Our aim is to assist the State to identify each area of employment of our youths.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to identify themselves either as employers of labour while others will find where they fit in as apprentices or job seekers.

  • This scheme will mentor undergraduates and graduates on the challenges some of them are experiencing and will experience after their initial education. Captain of industries will be invited to speak on their achievements, the challenges that exist and how to overcome them.


  • We stand to re-orientate and change the mindset of the graduates who believe a formal education is enough to get them their desired jobs or careers.


  • Rather than blaming the Government for every situation, it is high time individuals addressed their unemployable status -> facts and figures given.


The Mentoring Scheme will also lay emphasis on:-

  • Core benefits and advantages of Volunteering
  • Advantages of Apprenticeship
  • The principle of sow now and reap later
  • The dos and don’ts of job seeking
  • Challenges during and after tertiary graduation
  • Employers’ expectations
  • Becoming employer of labour rather than seeking employment

We aim to carry out practical demonstration of these areas with the candidates during these programs.


  1. THE Workshops:                                                                                          The workshop will cover the following areas:-
  • Writing winning resumes.
  • Core mechanisms in interview presentations.
  • Negotiating skills and Presentation skills.
  • Becoming an asset in an interview.
  • Understanding the Employer
  • How to meet employers expectations during interview
  • Apprenticeship/voluntary awareness and its benefits.
  • Entrepreneurship.


  1. Entrepreneurship– (the second phase after the two-day session)

The Entrepreneurship scheme stands to benefit individuals who want to become business owners and also employers of labour. Some individuals are born leaders while others rise through followership and/or experience.

It will serve as an Economic Empowerment and Independence (EEI) program which is the most significant ingredient of the program. It has been showcased and put to practice in other countries and there are proven success records of which we pioneered as a company in the UK.

It is easy to have an idea for a business, plan the business and even start the business but how many individuals can maintain the business to yield profits within the first five (5) years. The entrepreneurship program will train aspiring entrepreneurs the necessary rudiment to establish, maintain and prosper in their businesses.


Some of the topics in the course will entail the followings:-

  • Business plan
  • Principles of entrepreneurship
  • Money management and accountability
  • Understanding business protection
  • Building and selling-on a business
  • Self-discipline and commitment
  • Choosing a business name
  • Franchising
  • The contract
  • Business structure
  • Legal structure
  • Taxation
  • Business premises – importance
  • Managing risks
  • Marketing and sales
  • Information technology and business
  • Customer relationship.
  • Differentiating product and service delivery


  1. Apprenticeship

We have liaised and brought on board number of SMEs and large organisations who have signed up to this Apprenticeship Scheme to engage the unemployed youth in their companies as Apprentices to learn the craftsmanship of their desired opportunities.

CrystalBlend have forged partnership with employers who will absorb jobseekers to gain practical experience and showcase their individual skills for employers to make a decision during and at the end of the scheme.

Advantages of the schemes

  • Increase the work experience of jobseekers by 40%. This will increase jobseekers’ employability status.
  • It also creates automatic employment advantage to jobseekers or participants of the scheme.
  • The entrepreneurship scheme increases employment rate while growing the economy.
  • Mentoring gives our youths the opportunity to rub minds with successful entrepreneurs propelling them into the world of entrepreneurship at an early and advantaged age.
  • Provide a networking platform for jobseekers, partners and government as a whole.


Who We Are?

Our area of competence is in Human Capacity Development (Trainings/ Entrepreneurship) and Recruitment, a service effectively and efficiently carried out over the years to our numerous clients in the UK, Middle East and Africa.